Canaries in the “Climate” Mine?

A disturbing yet profound demonstration of increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. They say that the birds were not harmed, physically anyway.

One thought on “Canaries in the “Climate” Mine?”

  1. Beautiful new look here, Bones. You sure do like Courier, my least liked font. Some beautiful font combos:
    1. Optima (headings) Didot (body of text)
    2. Harrington (headings, but is great for body text), possibly with plain Geneva
    I’m glad work is going well. I never would have thought my body would deteriorate so quickly. So I continue: “In times of strife, you chose to learn and listen [practice?]. . . “—(a praise to Je Tsongkhapa).
    I almost had to turn the video off . . . but you’re assured they’re not hurt. Wow, CO2 levels can be so high up there. Maybe that’s why these weird incidents occur with birds just falling out of the sky, unscathed, dead
    I’m glad you’re giving attention to Design Like It Matters . . . so much to be brought to light, darkness falling off like a snake shedding the old, ready for the new. I look forward to more.
    much love,

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