Water on My Mind (Update I)

Charles Moore, the marine debris expert with the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, and the gentleman interviewed in the film excerpts available on www.messageinthewaves.com has produced updated findings on this “island” of plastics in the ocean. The North Pacific Gyre, an area northwest of Hawaii where two currents meet originally was composed of an eastern and a western lobe of plastic debris. It appears that the two lobes have merged into a 5 million square mile area, the size, not just of Texas, but of the entire United States.

Why isn’t this front page news?

One thought on “Water on My Mind (Update I)”

  1. What you describe is some kind of hell that we have produced. What is the message for us from the universe? The wars on this planet are moving more and more towards the resources of oil to water to space. Such desperation! Such childlike behavior and terrific fear that fuel the engines of conquerors!

    Yesterday, I listened to a recording of Thich Nhat Hahn, the Vietnamese octogenarian Buddhist monk, on how to transform the anger in my life. If his workable solutions can succeed in a single life, maybe the planet can be regarded in the same way, with the same tenderness, kindness. I believe this is possible. I also know that I can change nothing until I am able to change myself.

    Water Water everywhere . . . I highly recommend 2 books to water lovers: David Duncan James' My Story as Told by Water, and Cadillac Desert.

    keep the faith . . . in the goodness of the universe to right itself,

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